28 October 2013

My Collateral is Good!!

col·lat·er·al /kəˈlatərəl,kəˈlatrəl/ noun: collateral; plural noun: collaterals a person having the same descent in a family as another but by a different line
Wouldn’t it just be nice to sit down to research your ancestor(s) and work your way back from what you know and to follow them in a direct line?  You know, generation to generation – finding all the necessary documents to prove a direct relationship to you – with no hiccups or detours down rabbit holes.  No ‘missing persons.’   Easy peasy!!  A genealogist can dream can’t they?  That’s how my LINDSEY research began; sitting at the computer and . . .
My August post, My Gut Tells Me I am on the Right Track, helped me to document what I was learning and to formulate a research plan; while – as the title of that post would suggest – I felt that I was on the right track, there were some nagging questions and concerns.  For the reader’s convenience, that research plan is outlined here.
Research Plan:
  1. Search for civil / church marriage records for Adrian G LINDSEY and Annie M Wilson
  2. Contact West Laurel Hill Cemetery, Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania
  3. Search for Adrian LINDSEY’s death certificate
  4. Contact Philadelphia County Coroner’s Office
  5. Trace Adrian LINDSEY’s parents; Edwin G and Rosanna LINDSEY and his siblings
  6. Contact NARA for Adrian’s civil war and pension files
No longer living in the stomping ground of my and my ancestor’s youth, I gathered pencil, paper, computer and cell phone and began my work . . .

Record of Marriages - Adrian G LindseyWhile I initially found Adrian G LINDSEY’s marriage to Annie E Wilson on 2 February 1865 recorded in the Pennsylvania, Church and Town Records, 1708 – 1985 I have not been able to find any other marriage document – license, bann, certificate online.  A few queries later to the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Facebook Group and I learned that Philadelphia did not start keeping marriage records until 1885. 
Having contacted the West Laurel Hill Cemetery in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania I learned Adrian is buried in section PENCOYD 100; there is no headstone; and that he is buried with Etta English, Lizzie English, George English and George LINDSEY.  Now, this is interesting.  (More on this in my next post.)
Death Certificate - Adnan Lindsey
Having located two separate newspaper articles detailing the circumstances of Adrian’s death, I set about finding his death certificate. (see right).  The death certificate was signed by William S Janney, MD, Coroner.  So, the next step was to contact the Philadelphia County Coroner’s office to see if they had the original or copies of the Coroner’s reports dating back to the mid-1800’s.  In early September, I spoke to the Jeannette, Office Administrator, Records Room, Philadelphia County Medical Examiner’s Office in Philadelphia, PA and learned (sadly) that their office does not maintain medical examiner’s reports dating back to 1882.  The oldest record they have on file is dated 1900.
Turning my attention to Adrian’s parents and siblings . . . 
Edwin G LINDSEY:  Born: about 1800 in New York (census records) and died 19 August 1872 in Lancaster, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania (obituary and Pennsylvania, Church and Town Records).  Edwin was married to Rosanna M RANKIN (Rosanna’s Return of Death Physician’s Certificate) and together they had seven children:  Helen Mar LINDSEY; Edwin Franklin LINDSEY; Adrian G LINDSEY; Orilla M LINDSEY; Elizabeth W LINDSEY; George W LINDSEY; and William H LINDSEY (my 2nd Great Grandfather).
Supporting Documents:

1850 Census - Edwin G Lindsey
in 1850 Edwin and Rosanna are living with their six children – William H (my 2nd Great Grandfather) had not yet been born – in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and he made his living as a fruiterer; a fruit retailer.  The census records that he was born in New York; Rosanna was born in Nova Scotia; their daughter Helen was born in New York; and their other children were born in Pennsylvania.
1860 Census - Edwin G Lindsey
The 1860 US Federal Census has Edwin and Rosanna and their seven children still living in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Edwin is now employed as a clerk; his daughter Helen (incorrectly enumerated as ‘E’llen) is a school teacher; and his son Adrian is also employed as a clerk.

Obit -Edwin F Lindsey - 23 January 1856
Sadly on 21 January 1856, after a lingering illness, Adrian’s oldest brother, Edwin Franklin LINDSEY passed away at the age of 16.  The obituary invites family, friends, and members and teachers of the Christ Church Sunday school to attend the funeral.   Edwin Franklin is buried at the Christ Church Burying Grounds located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  (The LINDSEY family were living at 23 Sergeant Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Death Certificate - Helen Mar Lindsey
And, on 30 May 1862, at 23,  Helen Mar LINDSEY, suffering from consumption of the lungs, passes away.  She never married; still lived in her parent’s home (1016 Sergeant Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) and was still employed as a school teacher.  Helen was laid to rest next to her brother, Edwin Franklin, at the Christ Church Burying Grounds.

Death Certificate - Rosanna (Rankin) Lindsey
And, two years later, on 18 January 1864 Adrian’s mother, Rosanna passes away.  Rosanna was also buried at Christ Church Burying Grounds alongside her children, Edwin Franklin LINDSEY and  Helen Lindsey.  

Recently I spoke with Allan,Christ Church Archives Researcher, and was able to confirm Edwin Franklin LINDSEY; Helen Mar LINDSEY; and Rosanna M LINDSEY were indeed interred at the Christ Church Burying Grounds.  (no headstones)

1870 Census - Adrian G Lindsey
By 1870 Adrian and Annie are living in Columbia, Lancaster, Pennsylvania (they are listed on lines 39 – 40) and Edwin G LINDSEY and his youngest son, William H LINDSEY (my 2nd Great Grandfather) are living with them (they can be found on lines 1 – 2 of the next image).1870 Census Edwin G with Adrian G Lindsey  Adrian, 29, is a brakeman for the Pennsylvania Railroad; Edwin, 70, is a cabinet maker and William, 19, works as a day laborer.

Obit - Edwin G Lindsey - 19 August 1872
In 1872 death visits the LINDSEYs again.  Edwin G LINDSEY died 21 July 1872 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  He was 72 years of age.  He was buried in Lancaster the next morning at 10:00 am.

1880 Census - Adrian G Lindsey
By 1880 Adrian and Annie LINDSEY are living at 1507 North 5th Street, Harrisburg, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania and have two children, George M, born about 1871 and Adrian H, born about 1875.  Adrian is employed as a conductor for the Pennsylvania Railroad.

1880 Census - William H Lindsey
And, my 2nd Great Grandfather, William H LINDSEY is now married to my 2nd Great Grandmother, Emma T SWINGLER and they have one son, William Jefferson LINDSEY.  William and Emma live on Third Street in Columbia, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and William earns his living as an auctioneer.

Obit - Adrian G Lindsey - Philadelphia
On the afternoon of 8 December 1882, Adrian LINDSEY, conductor of a freight train fell from his at Fifty-second street and was instantly killed.

Obit - Adrian G Lindsey - Harrisburg
In Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, rumors were bandied about, about a conductor on the Pennsylvania railroad named LINDSEY – who resided in Harrisburg – having been killed on the lower division.  Inquiry elicited the fact that the man was a resident of Columbia, Dauphin County, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and that the accident occurred in the yards at Philadelphia.  He was brought home to Columbia and his family were contacted.*

* It is important to note that the information was obtained second-hand; "Inquiry elicited . . . “  It is not clear from whom this information was obtained.  My assumption is that it either came from the Philadelphia County Coroner’s office or from a clerk / reporter for the Philadelphia Inquirer.  Keep this in mind as I point out that the Patriot Obituary incorrectly notes that Adrian’s body was brought home to Columbia and that his son and daughter were notified of the terrible and sudden death of their father.

As noted earlier, Adrian G LINDSEY is buried in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at the West Laurel Hill Cemetery in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania.  At the time of his death Adrian had only two known children – sons – George M LINDSEY (11) and Adrian H LINDSEY (7).  This obituary makes no mention of Adrian’s wife Annie, but as far as I can tell (currently), she is still living.  “Adrian” is a genderless name and, while not an authoritative, a google search suggests that it was both a popular male and female name.  My hypothesis is that, that is perhaps why a son and daughter are mentioned.
While I am awaiting information from the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) on Adrian’s Civil War and pension files and I continue my efforts to find out what became of Adrian’s sons, George and Adrian H LINDSEY and his widow, I am now confident that . . .

My Collateral is Good!

How is your collateral?  I would love to hear your stories.

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  1. Tracy , loved this article ! Not only because I have found many clues to my direct ancestors through the family groups but also becauseI am working on a few Philadelphia families . My latest lucky Philadelphia find was the marriage record online in the marriage index for the brother of an ancestor which will hopefully reveal the Mother's maiden name as well ( can we hope ?) other details !

    1. Magda, I am so glad you enjoyed the post and hope that you'll visit again. Where in Philadelphia are your ancestors from? Good luck with the marriage index, both they and the ever increasing availability of the PA death certificates online have been quite helpful in chipping away at brickwalls and leading to the next set of clues.

      This hobby is so rewarding! Good luck to you.