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You live as long as you are remembered --- Russian Proverb

Here you will find posts about our ancestors and collateral 'cousins;' their stories, and the journey to find and document them all . . .


Jane Ann (Jennie) Beardsell Tracking Jennie from birth 9 August 1889 in Huddersfield, England to her death at her home in New Jersey at the age of 50 years and 6 months.

Jennie (BEARDSELL) McLean  A search for understanding who Ralph McLean and William Brown were in relation to Jennie.

Wallace Arthur Beardsell discovering what his life was like in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Part I)

Wallace Arthur Beardsell Rugby

Crap! Mmm hmm, that about sums it up.
I have found myself saying that all too often these past few days.  Let me explain. . .


Grandmom's Back Porch  It's funny as children we take for granted our surroundings, we don't realize the indelible memories of the places we've been, who we were with, or what we were doing, are forever etched in our hearts and minds. . .

American Bandstand  Did you know my mom, Carolyn KRIEBEL?   Were you a 1958 Graduate of Schwenksville High School?


Learn Family Reunion  The LEARN family association, was established and charged with collecting family histories; documents; scrapbooks; and other family memorabilia - items, that together, would tell the LEARN family story.  Another important endeavor of the association is to encourage LEARN descendants to gather and honor their pioneer patriarch and their heritage.


Missing Ancestor Report (Mary Lindsey) Female ancestors are hard enough to trace when you only have their married name to go by, but have no information on their maiden name.  Typically in those cases you look to obituaries, marriage certificates and census records.  But, my situation is different; I'd call it unique, but I am sure someone out there - if not many someones - have also come across a situation or two like mine. . .

My 'Gut' Tells Me I am On the Right Track . . .  Okay, I am fixated on my paternal 2nd Great Grand Uncle; he's not even in my direct line.  Has this ever happened to you?

My Collateral is Good! Wouldn’t it just be nice to sit down to research your ancestor(s) and work your way back from what you know and to follow them in a direct line?  You know, generation to generation – finding all the necessary documents to prove a direct relationship to you – with no hiccups or detours down rabbit holes.  No ‘missing persons.’   Easy peasy!!  A genealogist can dream can’t they?  That’s how my LINDSEY research began; sitting at the computer and . . .

In the Absence of Documents So what do you do in the absence of documents?  What I did was ‘walk away’ for a day or so.  Then I came back and read through all the new information I was given.  I re-read the county history and the book, “THE LINDSAYS IN AMERICA” and started noting the information I thought I might be able to research a bit further to ‘prove out.’ 

Puzzle Pieces ‘pieces of my puzzle:’  please note, this list flows, if you will, in the order that I noted the clues. The list is not necessarily in chronological order, nor necessarily in the order that I will, in the coming weeks, address them.

Archibald Lindsey, DAR and the American Revolution Third, in a series of posts on a recent ‘cousin’ connection and my research journey to  discover, follow, and document my LINDSEY ancestors.

Archibald LINDSEY - Who? What? Where is the Source? Following up on suggestions from the folks on the DAR Facebook page, I contacted DAR and ordered copies of the contents in the documentation files submitted by members for the ancestor, Archibald LINDSEY.  Here is what I’ve received. . . *

LINDSEY - Connecting the Dots; Beginning the Process The posted links above document my journey in researching my LINDSEY ancestors.  And, hallelujah!  I believe I am making progress in connecting the dots, eh hmmm, the LINDSEYS, with the goal of all dots coming together in the shape of a family tree at the end.

Land Records; Deeds - an Introduction After days of searching for  . . . anything on Archi and his family and coming across leads only to have them either dead-end, dry up, or, add to the labirynth of confusion that I was already trying to navigate, I threw up my hands in frustration, and whined - yes, whined. . .

Slowly, but Surely . . . the LINDSEYS Over the past six months I have worked to discover and research what actual documents are out there and available to help me “prove,” or not, that Archibald LINDSEY is, or isn’t, my third great grandfather’s, Edwin LINDSEY’s, father and my fourth great grandfather.  And, while I have made discoveries; discoveries that I believe greatly bolster the validity of the information I was given, that one definitive piece of the puzzle is still elusive.
What I know . . .

Lost(3) Found(2) What became of Mary, William and Maretta LINDSEY after 1920? 
Since 2003, I have been a user and subscriber of; my family tree is public, which pays dividends in ‘cousin bait.’  And, my LINDSEY research has benefitted. . .

The Tale of Three James Are you researching your LINDSEY ancestry?  Do you believe that you descend from Archibald LINDSEY?  The Massachusetts Revolutionary War Patriot, documented in the annals of the Daughter’s of the American Revolution (DAR); Ancestor #A070563?1  If so, I encourage you to go slow and proceed with caution . . .

Missing Ancestor Report . . . UPDATE HELP Re-unite Mary Telthia LINDSEY's "leaf" with her family tree

In Plain Sight! “So . . . as I was writing my last post, I was again reviewing my research, and even though I had browsed page-by-page each of the census records for each of the counties; Berks, Bucks, Carbon, Montgomery, and Lehigh.  Going through each city / town / borough looking for ALL PFAFF families and noting any young males in those households that fit the approximate age of George – the gentleman named as the “father” of Eva on several documents, I decided yet again, that I would search the census records one more time.  What the heck, probably fruitless, right?!!  After all, I had thrown “everything, but the kitchen sink” into each of my previous searches!!  And, I had gone through all those census records, in all of those counties, in each and every town, borough and city, page-by-page and hadn’t found him!  But, hey, what the heck, I’ll throw in the “kitchen sink” this time!!!

So, what do you think happened?

“At 6:15 am, Thursday, 24 April 1890 the alarm was sounded . . . “many wounded” “A neighbor on Second Street said he saw the smoke issuing from the drying room at an earlier hour, but thought it nothing unusual . . . “
“The destruction of the Unicorn Silk Mill, the loss of of five lives and wounding many citizens will be long remembered by the peoples of Catasauqua with sadness and regret.”
“The funeral of George Paff, one of the victims of the Catasauqua fire, took place Wednesday afternoon . . .”

Grandma isn't Playing Nice! . . . On Either Side The death certificate2 provides the place of death and the deceased’s usual residence (where deceased lived) as 548 Noble Street, Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.  The document also provided Eva’s . . .

Mrs. Wilmer KRIEBEL is my Grandmother, Catherine STARR.  She was married to Wilmer, my Grandfather.

Hmm, Grandma isn’t playing nice!

The Grandparents are out of Control! Now Grandma has gone from not playing nice to stirring up trouble . . . ALL AROUND! I’ve recently been researching the genealogy of a dear friend’s family and apparently the Grandmas - mine and theirs - have been talking, because . . . you guessed it, their Great Grandma has recently been mischievous and isn’t placing nice either! It’s a conspiracy, I tell ya!

Grandma, A Little Cooperation . . . PLEASE! Both Grandma Isn't Playing Nice! . . . On Either Side and The Grandparents are Out of Control!  And, Having Way Too Much Fun!! discuss how my research focus has been sidelined by Grandma (maternal side) wanting a little attention to be paid to a family history mystery.  Well, Grandma succeeded, my attention was diverted and I’ve been working on her mystery for . . . well, it’s been a year.

So, where are we at?  Have we found all the pieces of the puzzle and solved the mystery?


Catherine Louise Starr Geneabloggers Daily Blog Prompt - "Who do You Wish You Could Have Met?"

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