20 April 2014

Puzzle Pieces

A few days ago I posted about my overall excitement of being contacted by a LINDSEY ‘cousin’ and the exchange of information that could potentially lead to may ancestral discoveries.  Only to be initially disappointed that other than dates – birth, marriage, death – and names, that there didn’t seem to be documentation to support oral histories and compiled genealogies.  If you haven’t seen the post and would like to read it before continuing with this one, here it is.  In the Absence of Documents.

As I noted “In the Absence of Documents,” I took a break from the LINDSEYs for a day or so, then came back and read through all the information that was shared with me and I also re-read the compiled genealogies and County History; I made note of the ‘puzzle pieces,’ that is, information that I thought I might follow-up on to – hopefully – discover source documents that would either sustantiate or disprove the information.

The ‘pieces of my puzzle:’  please note, this list flows, if you will, in the order that I noted the clues. The list is not necessarily in chronological order, nor necessarily in the order that I will, in the coming weeks, address them.

1.  From the History of Warren County New York, my ancestor, Edwin G LINDSEY was the editor of the “Glens Falls Observer” from 1827 – 1828.  The paper was located in Glens Falls, Warren County, New York. 

2. “The Lindsays of America” by Margaret Isabella Lindsay notes that my 3x Great Grandfather Edwin G LINDSEY was married once before to an Amerilla SKINNER, of Glens Falls, and their children were:  Washington Irving LINDSEY, born 1832, Hudson, New York; Isabel, their eldest daughter married a Mr. Church; another daughter, Polly, married Mr. Elijah Buttles; their daughter Nancy married Mr. Thomas Orton; their daughter Achseh married Mr. Ebeneezer Beebe; and their daughter Peggy, married Mr. Randall. 

3. “The Lindsays of America” by Margaret Isabella Lindsay notes that Archibald LINDSEY was Edwin G. LINDSEY’s (my 3x Great Grandfather)father.  It also says that Archibald LINDSEY came to New York from South Hadley, Massachusetts, where he was born.  The book lists he children as:  Benjamin, Cyrus, Kiliab (Caleb), Eliakim, Luke, Edwin Galloway, Isabel, Polly, Achseh, and Nancy.  It also notes that Cyrus settled in Galena Wisconsin and that Eliakim settled near Corry, Pennsylvania.

4. From the information shared with me, I learn:  prior to his marriage to my 3x Great Grandmother, Rosanna M RANKIN, my Great Grandfather deserted his wife Amerilla SKINNER and their children. 

That Archibald LINDSEY is buried in the Maxon-LINDSEY Cemetery in Attical, Wyoming County, New York.

Births and Marriages: (Archibald’s children)

Margaret:  born 23 October 1794, New York; died 6 September 1867, New Berlin, Waukesha County, Wisconsin.  She was married to Samuel Randall.

Isabel: born 10 September 1804, New York; died 17 June 1868, New Berlin, Waukesha County, Wisconsin.  She married Daniel Church.

Margaret LINDSEY & Samuel Randall’s daughter, Hannah, married Isabel LINDSEY & Daniel Church’s son Earl Askaneous.

Hannah and Earl Askaneous Church’s son, David Marks, married Sarah Burtiss; their daughter Lillian married John Alexander Peirson and one of their son’s is the father of my new found ‘cousin.’

5. My peek at the online ancestry.com LINDSEY trees yielded this tidbit. . .

Archibald was a Revolutionary War Soldier. 

This list forms a rudimentary research plan.

a). Learn more about Archives and record repositories in New York, specifically Glens Falls and both counties of Warren and Wyoming.

b).  What records and information can be located reference my 3x Great Grandfather’s marriage to Amerilla SKINNER?  What records can I locate on their children?

c).  Have you noted the similar names of both Edwin’s children and that of his siblings?  And, the marriages?  I know that it isn’t uncommon that our ancestors used the same naming conventions over and over again.  I also know that it isn’t necessarily unusual that our ancestors intermarried.  But, I pause, just a little, wondering if there might be something amiss?  So, I will need to be sure to look into the births and marriages.

d). What if anything, can I find to further document the story of my 3x Great Grandfather’s desertion of his first wife, Amerilla, and his family?

e). Is the Maxon-LINDSEY Cemetery still in operation?  Is there a cemetery office?  If not, where might I find the cemetery’s historical records.  What can I learn from them?

f).  Achibald is purported to have been a Revolutionary War Soldier.  Need to see what searches of Fold3, DAR and SAR will yield.

Have I missed anything?  Do you have suggestions?  As I make my discoveries in the coming days and weeks, I’ll be sharing with you.


  1. I can help a little: I descend from the Maxon's of Maxon Cemetery fame! Here is the link to the cemetery on Find A Grave:


    Maybe one more piece for your puzzle :)

    1. Sally, thank you for the link - off to take a look.

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  3. From your narrative: "and that Eliakim settled near Corry, Pennsylvania."

    Eliakim married Rachel Scofield. I wound up harvesting a vast amount of Scofield information then previously unknown to me and from it was able to provide a fairly accurate track of Eliakim.

    He was listed as being from Lake Luzerne (Warren) and Rachel was listed as being from Hadley (Saratoga). The towns are across the river from each other. It's not hard to infer that there may have been much cross pollination in the area.

    Rachel had several siblings, the two principal ones being Shadrach and Elizabeth. Shadrach emigrated to Stockton Township, Chautaqua County, NY, around 1810-1815, in the early years of land being offered up by the Holland Land Company. Eliakim followed less than five years later and owned an adjacent plot to his b-i-l. I have examined deeds in the county office in Mayville denoting same. Elizabeth also moved to Chautauqua County with her husband (also a Scofield).

    Elizabeth eventually divorced but stayed in the area. Shadrach had two daughters, one of which died young. His wife died and is buried in the Pleasantville cemetery. Shadrach emigrated to WI and is buried there.

    After about thirty years and five children, Eliakim removed to Corry (Erie), PA. One of his daughters eventually wound up in ID where she is buried. The three sons prospered in Lindsey Hollow (south of Corry). Eliakim, Rachel, and Elizabeth are all buried in Corry, with adjoining stones marking Eliakim and Elizabeth. I have photos of them.

    My mother (and three of her sisters) were born on a farm in Lindsey Hollow. Their grandfather, Willis, was Eliakim's grandson.

    So, Eliakim's journey to Corry went through Chautauqua County. Interestingly, although there are tons of Scofield markers (principally in Dewittville) in the county, not one shred of evidence marked Eliakim's presence there. It wasn't until 1973 when my grandfather (Willis' son) died that a Lindsey marker appeared in the county. They (my grandfather Claude and his family) had moved from Corry to Jamestown, NY c1925.

    I was born there and lived near there until 1956 when we moved to Florida. I have an odyssey of my own to report, but this isn't the venue.

    Rod Peterson
    Ormond Beach, FL

    1. Rod, thank you. Yeah, more pieces of the puzzle coming together. I will certainly keep the information you've shared and will follow puzzle pieces to see if more of the puzzle can be put together. I'm looking forward to learning and seeing what picture of my Lindsey line starts to emerge.

      Have a great day, and I hope that you will visit Family Preserves again.

  4. Hi Tracy,

    My real email address is LRod@pobox.com

    I wouldn't mind exchanging more information with you via the back channel. Please drop me a note at the above address to facilitate. I'm trying to mine your E. Galloway info from your blog as my information
    is limited to the "Lindsays in America" source. I also would be interested in sharing my Lindsey data via GEDCOM file for your edification.

    As I mentioned, I have a lot on Kiliab due to a 5th cousin descendant of him whom I met on the various boards.

    I will say your approach is different from mine, as you seek documentation at all levels. I'm satisfied with information as an anecdotal effort, although I have changed information as better became available. I had to revise my relationship to General John McAllister Schofield, for example.


    Rod Peterson
    Ormond Beach, FL

    1. Rod, I'd love to collaborate. I've sent you an email; if you are not seeing it, check your spam / junk folder.

      I look forward to working with you.