12 October 2014

Slowly, but Surely . . . the LINDSEYS

Over the past several months I have been focused on my LINDSEY ancestors; I had previously been able to document from myself back to my third great grandfather, Edwin Galloway LINDSEY, in Pennsylvania.  A ‘cousin’ contact, about six months ago, started me on my current journey to document the line back to my fourth great grandfather, Archibald LINDSEY.  This ‘cousin’ provided information from compiled genealogies, county histories and also mentioned that there were LINDSEY descendants that were members of a lineage society.  While there was information . . . there were no source citations; none!  Not in the compiled genealogies; not in the lineage society membership applications; not in the county histories; not in the surname  book – “The LINDSAYs of America by Margaret Isabella LINDSAY.  Which just made me crazy, to say the least.  See the following posts to see, in detail, what information the above did provide:

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So my journey began.  Over the past six months I have worked to discover and research what actual documents are out there and available to help me “prove,” or not, that Archibald LINDSEY is, or isn’t, my third great grandfather’s, Edwin LINDSEY’s, father and my fourth great grandfather.  And, while I have made discoveries; discoveries that I believe greatly bolster the validity of the information I was given, that one definitive piece of the puzzle is still elusive.

What I know . . .
(In an effort not to make this a book; I will present the information in a series of posts.  Today’s focus, my third Great Grandfather, Edwin Galloway LINDSEY)

Edwin Galloway LINDSEY
Birth:  about 1800
Birthplace: New York, USA

US Census Records 1850; 1860 and 1870

Marriage #1
Amarillis SKINNER
Marriage Date: 27 January 18281

”The LINDSAYS of America,” by Margaret Isabella Lindsay
Deed signed 5 May 18282
US Census Record 18303

Deed signed 23 June 18354

On the 5th day of May 1828, Edwin LINDSEY paid $100.00 to Alpheus Hawley and his wife Kesiah to purchase land located in the Village of Glens Falls, Warren County, New York. My hypothesis is that this land was purchased in preparation of Edwin’s pending nuptials to Amarillis – a place to build their home.

1825 - Deed - Edwin Lindsey 
Land Record - images 237-238; pages 453 - 455

1830 - US Census
1830 United States Census for Edwin Lindsey

And, in 1835 Edwin LINDSEY and Amarillis sold their land back to Alpheus Hawley for the amount of $100.00 U.S. Dollars.  And, from the deed, we know that Amarillis LINDSEY was examined and the deed signed by the clerk, Thomas Archibald, on the 23rd day of June 1835.  (click the hyperlink to see the deed in its entirety.)

1835 - Land Record - Edwin Lindsey
Land Record - image 83; pages 153 (middle) – 154

Marriage #2
Rosanna RANKIN
Marriage Date: Between 1835 and 1838
Birth of first child: Helen Mar LINDSEY about 1838
Death of Eldest Son: Edwin Franklin LINDSEY, 1856
Death of Rosanna (RANKIN) LINDSEY, 1864

Pennsylvania Philadelphia City Death Certificate, Helen Mar LINDSEY5
US Census Record 18506
Mortuary Notice, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Public Ledger7
Pennsylvania Philadelphia City Death Certificate, Rosanna (RANKIN) LINDSEY8

Death Certificate - Helen Mar Lindsey
Death Certificate - Helen Mar LINDSEY

US 1850 Census
1850 United States Census for Edwin G LINDSEY (Lines 28 - 35)

Obit -Edwin F Lindsey - 23 January 1856
Mortuary Notice - Edwin Franklin LINDSEY

Death Certificate - Rosanna (Rankin) Lindsey
Pennsylvania Philadelphia City Death Certificate - Rosanna (RANKIN) LINDSEY

While I have not been able to locate a marriage record for either Edwin’s marriage to Amarillis or to Rosanna, the above cited 1835 land record supports the assertion made in the surname book, “The Lindsays of America” that Edwin and Amarillis were married.  The author, Margaret Isabella Lindsay also states that Edwin deserted Amarillis and his family. By 1840, Amarillis LINDSEY is on her own and listed as the Head of Household on that year’s US Federal Census. (see below)9  Making the case for the hypothesis that,

1)  Edwin and Amarillis had parted ways between 1835 when the sale of their land was finalized and 1838 when Edwin’s and Rosanna’s daughter, Helen was born.  And,

2) That Edwin and Rosanna were married during that time frame.  Or, at the very least living as man and wife by 1838.

US 1840
1840 US Federal Census for Amarillis LINDSEY (last entry)

Helen Mar LINDSEY’s death certificate; the 1850 US Federal census; the Mortuary Notice documenting the death of Edwin Franklin LINDSEY; and the death certificate for Rosanna LINDSEY, together, make a strong case, in my opinion, that Edwin and Rosanna were indeed married.  Helen’s death certificate provided the added bonus of providing Rosanna’s maiden name – RANKIN.

Curiosities . . .

Searching the internet I have located and collected several puzzle pieces.  While I believe they fit into and will complete the overall picture, I have not been able to assemble the puzzle just yet.  Listed here are some of the curiosities that I have come across:

  1. The surname SKINNER, with the help of my ‘cousin’ we located the “Skinner Family Association” and the personal memoir of Edward Skinner written by Dr. S W Heath10, Edward’s son-in-law.

    In reading through it a couple things jumped out . . .

    - He provides the names of his parents and that of his siblings.  He also notes who they are married to.  Now, there are typographical errors within the memoir.  But, the information fits what I do know, to this point. To read the entire memoir, click on the hyperlink; click on the images to see the specific information that pertain to my specific research. 

    Lydia Finny Skinner

    Samuel G Skinner

    Personal Memoirs of Edward Skinner

    The above snippets provided Amarillis’ parents names, to include her mother’s maiden name FINNEY; confirmed where the Skinners were from in New York and where they moved to in Ohio; confirmed Samuel Skinner’s date of death; and confirmed that Amarillis (misspelled as Arnarilus) and her marriage to Edwin Galloway LINDSEY (referred to as Galway LINDSEY in the memoir.)

    I also located online at familysearch.org Samuel G SKINNER’s will11 in which he names his wife Lydia (FINNEY) SKINNER and his children, including Amarillis; however, he did not identify her in his will by her married surname.

    14 June 1841 - Will - Samuel Skinner                                                            Samuel G Skinner Will (image 69; page 99)
  2. After locating Edwin LINDSEY and his family in the 1830 US Federal Census, Albany Ward 4, Albany, New York, I took a look at the proceeding page(s) and the page or two after Edwin’s entry (image 39) and discovered a William RANKINS (image 41)12.  Remember, Edwin sometime between 1835 and 1838 married a Rosanna RANKIN; Could William RANKINS be her father or her brother perhaps?  Note, in the 1840 US Federal census Albany Ward 4, Albany, New York, there is a Geo. A RANKIN (image 66);13  I did not find William RANKINS listed in the 1840 census in Albany; Could Geo. A Rankin be Rosanna’s father or brother?  I know that I need to research both men and their families, but, how do you research someone you don’t know – you only have their first and last names and tick marks on two census documents that provide absolutely no other information?  I have looked through Albany in its entirety for both census years, these are the only Rankin[s] that I located.  Do I search all of New York?  And any and every Rankin[s] family?  My guess is YES, but allow me to be in denial just a bit longer.  Ugh, a tedious and laborious endeavor.  But, the rewards . . . yes, that is what I look forward to.

    On a positive note I am always looking at genealogy blogs, and the other day I came across a new (well, new to me) one and while leaving a comment for the author, I happened to see a familiar surname . . . RANKIN!  Rankin?  Hmmm, I couldn’t get lucky enough that it would be the same RANKIN line that I’m researching.  I finished my initial comment and then asked the author about the RANKIN surname and filled her in on what little information I have on Rosanna and what possible discovery(ies) I made in the 1830 and 1840 US census records.  Fingers crossed

    1830 - William Rankins
    1830 US Federal Census for William Rankins (image 41)

    1840 - Geo A Rankin
    1840 US Federal Census for Geo. A Rankin (image 66)
  3. The following two excerpts from the “History of Warren County New York with Illustrations and Biographical Sketches” provided the following interesting tidbits and clues . . . (to view, click the image; to view in context, click the hyperlink)

    Page 278 - Warren County History
    Page 278

    In 1826 Edwin purchased a printing press and all the accessories and published the Glens Falls Observer for two years.14  In an initial attempt to find out more I contacted the Historian of Glens Falls, New York to inquire if it was possible to learn more about Edwin’s purchase of the Newspaper and his publication of the “Glens Falls Observer.”  I was hoping, much like land purchases, there would be a record.  Not so much.  Wayne, the historian, noted that the “business records going back to the early 1800’s are spotty at best.”  However, he did suggest that I contact the Chapman Historical Museum to see what records they may have.  I have done as suggested and I am waiting a reply.

    Page 424- Warren County History
    Page 424

    The above image15 is further evidence of Edwin’s successful business venture, the purchase and operations of the Glens Falls Observer.  And, it also provides two further clues . . . Samuel G SKINNER was the proprietor of a local coffee house.and the Glens Falls School-house was built on the road leading from Samuel’s residence and situated near the local cemetery.
  4. Another Database, on ancestry.com, with great potential was the New York Military Service Cards, 1816 – 1979.  Edwin G LINDSEY served in the New York National Guard as an Ensign in the 121st Infantry, 17th Brigade, 10th Division.16  (click on the image or hyperlink to view larger image)

    New York Military Service Cards
    New York Military Service Card for Edwin G Lindsey

    Now, there’s a record I could sink my teeth into.  The source information states that ancestry.com received the database and images from the New York State Military Museum, Saratoga Springs New York.  Awesome, I’ll contact them and see if I can hit ‘genealogy gold!’  After all, the card image provides register and page number where the record and information can found.

    Here is the index . . .

    New York Military Service Cards Index 
    New York Military Service Card Index

    I contacted the New York State Military Museum, Saratoga Springs, New York and asked if I could obtain a copy of the information from Register “B,” page 455 on Edwin G LINDSEY?  Foiled!  I received the following reply from Jim, the Assistant Librarian / Archivist.

    ”Unfortunately, no one knows what “Register B” refers to. I do not have any additional information on Lindsey.”

    What?  Really?  Ancestry.com did not pull this database and the attached images out of thin air; they came from somewhere and it is clearly stated, under the source information, where the information and the images were obtained.  So, what happened to these records?  Why isn’t the Museum’s Librarian / Archivist familiar with them?  Arrrgh!  Ugh! 

    Jim does go on to suggest . . .

    “The New York State Library has additional reports prior to 1858; however, I do not know if they are available online. Another line of inquiry is to use the AG reports to discover where the 121st Infantry was from (most units were recruited in strict geographical areas). Once you know an area you can see if there are any newspapers from there at http://www.nysl.nysed.gov/nysnp/city1.htm
  5. You would then have to find out where the newspaper or microfilm is stored, go there, and search. The theory here is that officers were more likely to have a higher social standing therefore more likely to appear in newspapers.”

    I have been unsuccessful, to this point, in finding anything on the 121st Infantry anywhere.  I do not purport to be the most proficient at Google (or other search engine) searches; Lisa Louise Cooke, I am not.  But, I would have thought if there was even a smidgeon of historical information on the 121st Infantry, I might have at least found a blurb or two with an indication of where I might find out more.  In what archive?  In what historical society?  Or, in what historic repository can I find more information?  Any military historians, specifically New York National Guard, out there?  Any suggestions?

My hypothesis at this point, having discovered and researched the above documentation, is that the information in the county histories, the compiled genealogies, the lineage society membership applications and the Lindsay surname book, in reference to Edwin Galloway LINDSEY, is accurate.  There is however, a lot more research to be done.

What are your thoughts?  Suggestions?  I look forward to hearing from you.



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